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Respect. Responsibility. Quality.

Vardagsfrid is a cleaning company that provides cleaning services in Stockholm & Uppsala. We are a values-driven company under the principles of Respect, Responsibility, and Quality. Collective agreements and Swan certification are essential to us. Our cleaning company delivers reliable cleaning services with a focus on fair agreements and efficient service.

Business Idea

Vardagsfrid's services in cleaning deliver peace of mind and free up time for engaged individuals and high-performing organizations. Our cleaning company carries out work through inclusive job integration and societal benefits, where customers, organizations, and employees together create a workplace where cultural and language barriers are overcome. Hire an award-winning cleaning company with fair conditions and environmental considerations. Book home cleaning Book office cleaning


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Benefits of being a customer of Vardagsfrid


Collective agreement

At Vardagsfrid, all team members are covered by collective agreements, offering peace of mind for our clients and staff. These agreements guarantee equitable working conditions and competitive wages.

Reliable service

With our extensive experience in the industry and a track record of prestigious awards, we place a strong emphasis on providing reliable service to our customers, giving you the freedom to focus on everything else.


Environmentally friendly cleaning

We only use The Nordic Swan Ecolabel products for our cleaning missions. These have a minimal impact on the environment and are significantly better for our employees and customers' health as they are completely chemical-free.

Hour bank

Need to cancel a cleaning session? No problem! Vardagsfrid offers a convenient time bank where you can save your canceled hours for another occasion within the same year. Why not book a deep clean before Christmas with your saved hours?

Home Cleaning

"Always delighted when I come home after they've been there, incredibly friendly and quick customer service! Our cleaner is fantastic and understands exactly how we want it!🤩

Highly recommend!"

Johanna B, Stockholm

Home cleaning, office cleaning or something else?

Home cleaning
  • Regular home cleaning with a cleaning subscription.
  • Always employed staff at Vardagsfrid.
  • Verified personnel.
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Facility cleaning

  • Eco-friendly commercial cleaning services.
  • Certified service provider.
  • Friendly suppliers in the hallways who greet you with a smile.

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Would you like to know more about home cleaning with Vardagsfrid?

Home Cleaning - Available every week, every other week, or once a month.

Move-Out Cleaning - Experience peace of mind with Vardagsfrid's move-out cleaning, guaranteed to satisfy and adhering to the Real Estate Agents Association's standards.

Window Cleaning - A key component of our deep home cleaning. Our professional window cleaning service is offered at a fixed price, freeing up your time and energy for other pursuits.

Deep Cleaning - Every household benefits from a thorough cleaning several times a year.

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What services do we offer within office cleaning?

Office Cleaning - At Vardagsfrid, we boast a decade worth of experience in office and facility cleaning.

Stairway Cleaning - Our cleaning team brings extensive knowledge in stairway cleaning, all employed under collective agreements for your peace of mind.

Window Cleaning - Whether it’s offices, hotels, schools, retail spaces or other facilities, Vardagsfrid's window washers possess the essential expertise.

Floor Care - Enhancing your regular cleaning routine with systematic floor cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of your flooring surfaces.


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How do I become customer?

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1. Fill in the form

Fill in the form below and allow us to provide you with professional cleaning service. Give your home the care it deserves by filling out the form beneath.
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2. Matching

We will get back to you as soon as we've received your form to create a personalized and tailored cleaning plan that suits your unique needs.


3. Agreement

We'll send the contract directly to you for easy e-signature completion.

4. Clean home

Finally, the moment has arrived for you to revel in the cleanliness and freshness of your home! If there was anything missed in your cleaning, no worries at all! Reach out to us, and we'll find a solution together.

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Number of first jobs in Sweden

3 000 000

Square meters cleaned each year

How is it working at Vardagsfrid?

"After working as a cleaning specialist for a while, I was given the opportunity to become a Mentor and train new colleagues. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch people grow into their roles and earn the appreciation of clients. When it came time for me to complete my final SFI courses and elementary SAS, Vardagsfrid was there to assist with my schedule. Now, I'm pursuing full-time studies, yet I find myself missing my clients."

Mentor, Vardagsfrid

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