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Home cleaning - Stress-free cleaning with Vardagsfrid

Home Cleaning Services in Stockholm & Uppsala with a dedicated cleaner, collective agreement and management in Swedish.

  • Regular Cleaner - Your regular cleaner will consistently visit your home, becoming familiar with your preferences and needs. Should your regular cleaner be unavailable due to illness or if you request a deep clean, our local team will ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Language Support - Our management operates in Swedish and we speek over 35 languages within the company.
  • Security - Our employees adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and follow the Swedish Theft Prevention Association's key-handling protocols.
  • Simplified Billing - We streamline the administrative process and handle all dealings with the Swedish Tax Agency for you.

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Home Cleaning

"For nearly a decade, we've been delighted with the services provided by Vardagsfrid. Their exceptional service coupled with straightforward communication makes everything run smoothly. Rarely do we encounter any issues, and we are immensely satisfied with the bi-weekly cleaning service."



Benefits of being a customer of Vardagsfrid


Collective agreement

At Vardagsfrid, all staff are covered by collective agreements, offering peace of mind for our clients and staff. These agreements guarantee equitable working conditions and competitive wages.

Reliable service

With our extensive experience in the industry and a track record of prestigious awards, we place a strong emphasis on providing reliable service to our customers, giving you the freedom to focus on everything else.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

We only use The Nordic Swan Ecolabel products for our cleaning missions. These have a minimal impact on the environment and are significantly better for our employees and customers' health as they are completely chemical-free.

Hour bank

Need to cancel a cleaning session? No problem! Vardagsfrid offers a convenient time bank where you can save your canceled hours for another occasion within the same year. Why not book a deep clean before Christmas with your saved hours?

Always clean with cleaning subscription

Finding the time to clean your home amidst a busy life can be daunting. Vardagsfrid's home cleaning services aim to alleviate the stress and constant thoughts of tidying up. We offer professional cleaning services in Stockholm and Uppsala, with skilled cleaners who follow collective bargaining agreements and are led by Swedish-speaking supervisors.

Once you've chosen Vardagsfrid for your home cleaning needs, and we're ready to start making your home sparkle, you also have the option to add special services to your subscription. Whether it's a deep clean or window washing you need, once or several times a year, simply reach out to us and we'll handle everything for you.


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Price list (after RUT-deduction)


Weekly cleaning Basic*

SEK 260 per hour

Weekly cleaning Monday - Friday

SEK 280 per hour

Patrol cleaning (+35 min from T-centralen using public transportation)

SEK 321 per hour

Short term subscription

SEK 281 per hour

Deep cleaning

Contact us for a quote

Move-out cleaning

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Uppsala weekly cleaning

SEK 298 per hour

Occasional cleaning**

SEK 313 per hour

* Basic: Unspecified day, time, cleaner, standard checklist only.

** Occasional cleaning: minimum three (3) hours. 

How do I become customer?

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1. Fill in the form

Fill in the form below and allow us to provide you with professional cleaning service. Give your home the care it deserves by filling out the form beneath.
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2. Matching

We will get back to you as soon as we've received your form to create a personalized and tailored cleaning plan that suits your unique needs.


3. Agreement

We'll send the contract directly to you for easy e-signature completion.

4. Clean home

Finally, the moment has arrived for you to revel in the cleanliness and freshness of your home! If there was anything missed in your cleaning, no worries at all! Reach out to us, and we'll find a solution together.


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What's included in home cleaning?

All rooms
  • Dusting all furniture within reach, including window sills, radiators, paintings & furniture
  • Wiping down doors, door handles, door frames, light switches, lights, baseboards & trims
  • Mirrors cleaned to a shine
  • Spot cleaning visible marks
  • Emptying waste baskets
  • Shaking out small rugs outdoors if a suitable area is available, while larger rugs are vacuumed in place, including under the edges Vacuuming upholstered furniture, wall-to-wall carpets, and floors
  • Floor wiping 
  • Clean and dust all reachable surfaces, including dining tables, chairs, chair legs & chair feet. Visible dirt on the exterior of cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Thorough cleaning of the microwave, both inside and out, excluding the area underneath and behind
  • Wiping down the exterior and underside of the kitchen hood, filter cleaning not included
  • Wiping down coffee makers, kettles, and other small items
  • Cleaning the exterior of appliances, edges of the oven & dishwasher
  • Scrubbing of the sink, countertop, and stovetop
  • Wiping down faucets and tiles
  • Emptying and wiping down household and food waste bins
  • Cleaning both inside and outside of the cabinet where waste bins are stored
  • Cleaning of bathtubs, shower walls, faucets, and nozzles
  • Wiping down tiles surrounding the sink, bathtub, and shower
  • Cleaning of hooks/holders and towel racks
  • Exterior cleaning of the washing machine and dryer
  • Wiping away visible dirt on cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Thorough cleaning of sinks and faucets
  • Dusting of easily accessible pipes
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the toilet, both inside and outside, including the area behind the toilet bowl
  • Making and/or changing bed linens
  • Oven/Fridge cleaning
  • Freezer cleaning if customer has defrosted and emptied it
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Laundry washing/folding
  • Ironing
  • Grout cleaning for tiles
  • Odor removal with enzymes/disinfection
  • Disinfection
  • Tidying up service - leave the mess to us, and we'll clear it away
  • Stain removal on painted wall surfaces, provided the surface and paint can withstand water and chemicals

Prices for home cleaning

  • Affordability Enhanced by RUT Deduction: Achieve a spotlessly clean home at an even more attractive price with our RUT deduction. We ensure you receive the utmost value for every penny you invest in our home cleaning services.
  • Transparent and Fee-Free Pricing: We stand by our word. No hidden charges or surprises. Our pricing is clear and fair, ensuring you can plan your budget with confidence and avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Regular Cleaning Benefits: Our loyal customers enjoy rewarding prices. The more frequently we clean your home, the greater your savings. Opting for 4-8 hours of cleaning every week or every other week allows you to maintain a pristine home at a cost that suits your budget.


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Home cleaning with Vardagsfrid

What's Included in Home Cleaning from Vardagsfrid?

At Vardagsfrid, all of our cleaning specialists are backed by collective bargaining agreements, and we exclusively use eco-friendly, Swan-labelled products for all our cleaning services. When you opt for home cleaning with us at Vardagsfrid, and we begin to transform your space, you also have the option to enhance your subscription with additional services to achieve the ultimate clean for your home.

We meticulously clean every room in your home, covering kitchens, bathrooms, and any optional extras you might select.


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Services within home cleaning

Vardagsfrid offers a foundational array of cleaning services. Within our home cleaning options, you can choose from the following services:

  • - Opt for weekly cleaning on a schedule that suits you: every week, every other week, or once a month.
  • Window Cleaning
    - Window cleaning is a crucial part of a deep home clean. Our professional window cleaning service is offered at a fixed price, freeing up your time and energy for other pursuits.
  • Deep Cleaning
    - Every household benefits from a deep cleaning several times a year to maintain a fresh and healthy living environment.
  • Move-Out Cleaning
    - Vardagsfrid provides move-out cleaning services with a satisfaction guarantee, adhering to the Real Estate Agents Association's guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the hourly rate?

Our hourly rate for home cleaning has been meticulously calculated to ensure top-notch service and adherence to stringent work standards. The cost per hour for our most sought-after weekly cleaning subscription, available from Monday to Friday, is SEK 298. This rate encompasses collective agreement, ensuring fair working conditions for our committed staff.

Do you bring own materials?

For one-time cleanings, we come equipped with our own cleaning supplies, yet we kindly ask that you provide a mop bucket and a vacuum cleaner. For those opting for our recurring cleaning services, we include a starter kit filled with eco-labeled cleaning products to kick off your journey to a cleaner home. Should you run low on supplies, replenishing them is as easy as placing an order with us. We're committed to ensuring you have everything necessary to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your home.

Are you working eco-friendly?

Yes, we are actively committed to being eco-friendly. Every product we use is carefully chosen and eco-labeled to minimize our impact on the environment. Furthermore, we utilize public transportation as much as possible when traveling to our cleaning appointments to reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning service for our customers.

Do you have collective agreement?

Yes, we have a collective agreement in place for our employees. We prioritize fair working conditions and ensure that our cleaners benefit from the perks and security provided by the collective agreement.

How far in advance do I have to give notice to cancel a cleaning session? What happens if I get sick?

Clients may cancel their cleaning appointments up to 14 days before the scheduled cleaning date. Cancelled cleanings will be adjusted in the time bank, allowing the hours to be utilized at a later date within the current calendar year. Emergency cancellations will incur charges as short-notice cancellations. This policy applies to all cancellations, regardless of the reason. Where possible, and if it suits the operation, rescheduling may be arranged.

Is it possible to pause the cleaning service?

Yes, pausing your cleaning service is entirely possible. We offer the flexibility to pause services for a minimum of one month and up to a maximum of two months. Simply inform us of your desired pause duration, and we will tailor the cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

Do you always send out the same person?

Yes, we aim to schedule the same individual for your cleaning sessions. You will be assigned a dedicated cleaning specialist who will visit you on a regular basis.

How do you handle if your staff gets sick?

In the event your usual cleaner is unavailable, rest assured, we will arrange for another trusted cleaner from your local area to step in. This ensures that you continue to receive the seamless and high-quality cleaning service you've come to expect, even in the absence of your regular cleaner. You will, of course, be promptly notified of any such changes.

Do you move ornaments while cleaning?

Yes, we handle decorative items and ornaments with care, gently lifting them to ensure thorough cleaning beneath. We cherish your possessions and aim to deliver a meticulous clean while treating your decorative items with the utmost respect. Rest assured, we responsibly care for them with the diligence they deserve.

Does your staff speak Swedish or English?

Yes, our team is bilingual, fluent in both Swedish and English. While our training is primarily conducted in Swedish, the proficiency levels in the Swedish language among our staff may vary. We are committed to maintaining a team capable of communicating effectively in both languages to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

Can you tidy up / do laundry / fold laundry?

Certainly, we are more than capable of assisting with clearing away, washing, or folding laundry. This service is an additional option you can include in your cleaning package. Please reach out to our customer service to make modifications or add these specific requirements to your cleaning plan. We are adaptable and committed to tailoring our services to suit your unique preferences.

Working with us

"After working as a cleaning specialist for some time, I had the opportunity to become a Mentor and train new colleagues. It's incredibly rewarding to witness people flourish in their roles and receive appreciation from our clients. When I decided to complete my final SFI courses and start SAS-basic, Vardagsfrid was incredibly supportive in adjusting my schedule. Although I'm currently pursuing full-time studies, I find myself missing our customers deeply."

Mentor, Vardagsfrid


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